Faith Comes By Hearing

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The Sending Project (TSP) is glad to announce a strategic ministry partnership with Faith Comes By Hearing, a wonderful organization that is leveraging technology to make God’s Word accessible to every person on the planet. 

TSP’s partnership with Faith Comes By Hearing is a part of the KC Every Language Project, which is focused on getting the Word of God to remaining people and language groups who do not yet have the Scriptures. Faith Comes By Hearing is vital to the fulfillment of the Great Commission, as people become able to hear the Word of God in their own heart language!

We invite you and your church to adopt a language project. Your church may be able to take on an entire language project on its own, or you may want to collaborate with other churches to do this. Let’s pray for KC-area churches to sponsor at least 10 new language projects this year!

We are excited to build awareness among churches and the overall Body of Christ in the KC area regarding this amazing and strategic opportunity to help people hear God’s Word in their own heart language. Faith Comes By Hearing is a robust ministry, with various tools that are extremely helpful in mission work.

Click on the link below to view the recording projects that have been allocated to the body of Christ in the Kansas City area. Explore the opportunities, and let us know if you are interested in helping any of these unreached people groups get God’s Word.

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