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Encouraging, connecting, and resourcing local churches for greater unity and missional impact.

The Sending Project believes in the power and influence of the local church. We serve Kansas City area churches in several ways such as providing a larger community to belong to as well as tools and resources for pastors, church leaders and their congregations.

The Sending Project is blessed to have more than 300 KC metro area churches in its network! This is a growing network of churches that is ethnically, denominationally, socio-economically, and geographically diverse.

Unity in the midst of diversity is a key value of this network. We envision the citywide Church of Kansas City — one church, with many congregations.

We are so thankful for the hundreds of pastors and church leaders we are journeying with to see God’s Kingdom advance in our city!

Within this vast network of KC metro area churches, The Sending Alliance finds its place — The Sending Alliance is simply a more formal way for a church to connect with The Sending Project. No membership fee, no written agreement…but agreement with The Sending Alliance Covenant is required.

Pastors and church leaders, by joining The Sending Alliance you and your church are agreeing to a very basic but important covenant.  It is not a commitment to a certain mission program…it is the commitment to go on a journey together…a commitment to growing in missional awareness, community, and collaboration with other pastors, church leaders, and churches.

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New resource for churches!

The American Bible Society has launched a new tool for churches in Kansas City to use in our effort to reach more people with the gospel of Jesus. It’s called End-to-End. ABS has been using End-to-End in 26 countries around the world. Over 750k people have been reached through this simple yet powerful program. Now, ABS has chosen our city to pilot the program in the United States. Learn more about End-to-End and contact Mark Davis to know more about how the collective church of Kansas City is joining together to take advantage of this opportunity.

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