KC trauma

Be a part of helping people in our city heal through the power of God’s Word.

Listen to the news. With every day that passes, more people are traumatized by violence, natural disasters, diseases, sexual abuse, and more. These overwhelming events don’t just happen in distant lands. There are those suffering from trauma and loss in our city, at our doorsteps and in our homes.

When hearts are wounded, it is easy to start doubting God’s goodness and His love for us. The American Bible Society found that people around the world suffering from the aftermath of trauma struggle to connect with the Bible in their condition. The president of the American Bible Society, Dr. Robert Briggs, said that “…without addressing the issue of trauma, then much of the rest of the work of providing the Bible is in vain.” In Hope Rising Documentary: Stories of Trauma and Healing, Dr. Briggs reported that the American Bible Society “…got started with Bible-based trauma healing so that people could be healed in their spirits and hear God’s voice, hear that the scripture clearly states that God is good, God is Sovereign, God is powerful, God knows your condition even when you are suffering severely.”

We invite you, your church, or your ministry to join us in providing trauma healing groups in our city that are founded on the Bible, use best mental health principles, and open the door for emotional and spiritual healing and growth.

Mark Davis
KC Trauma Healing Director

Healing Woman