The Seed Company

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In connection with the KC Every Language Project, The Sending Project (TSP) is glad to be partnering with The Seed Company, an innovative ministry that is bringing the written Word of God to unreached peoples around the world at an accelerated rate by working with and through indigenous people.

The Seed Company is connected with several KC-area churches, including Graceway…it was through The Sending Project’s connection with Graceway that we developed this strategic partnership with The Seed Company.

TSP is committed to helping churches, businesses, and individuals learn about The Seed Company and its strategic role in fulfilling the Great Commission.

We encourage you to explore the following three Scripture translation projects that The Seed Company has allocated to the churches and the overall body of Christ in the Kansas City area. You and your church can adopt one of these Seed Company projects and help get the Word of God to those who are Bibleless.

The Sending Project is also facilitating collaborative efforts around these projects. Your church could take on an entire project, or your church could work together with other churches to provide the Scriptures for one of these unreached people groups. Either way is great…let’s pray and work for the body of Christ in KC to do its part in helping get God’s Word to those who don’t yet have it.

Just click on one or more of the following Scripture translation projects and explore!