Ride the Waves of Prayer to Unleash God’s Power

JANUARY 11, 2022

Ride the Waves of Prayer to Unleash God’s Power


In his book, Prayer Revolution – Rebuilding Church and City Through Prayer, John Smed describes storm-ridden beaches that have been consecrated for wave watching and surfing. Smed reports that on a typical day six-foot waves steadily advance toward the shore. In stormy seasons, the waves often reach up to forty feet. They fling logs like twigs, lay waste to rickety piers, and dramatically reshape the shoreline.

According to Smed, the Kingdom of God is like waves He commands, relentlessly advances as The Almighty shapes the world toward his intended destiny. Often, this progress is steady and barely noticed. Yet the yeast and salt of the Kingdom are quietly at work. Other times, the Kingdom surges forward with violent force, and the earth-shaking forces of Pentecost are unleashed. The power of these spiritual waves reshapes the Church and the world. This is revolution. This is revival.

Smed states, “Prayer is how we seize the power of the Spirit and enter the powerful surge of the coming Kingdom. Prayer is revolutionary because the coming of the Kingdom is revolutionary. Apart from prayer, we remain spectators on the shore.” When we engage in prayer, we ride the waves, we play a part in unleashing God’s power, and we are caught up in the thrilling adventure of the Kingdom of God and discover the unfolding plan of Christ. Rather than have our prayers focused on the safe and predictable, we can pray for God to reshape the Church and the world.  

Smed concludes that every Kingdom movement starts with prayer.  The Sending Project envisions 100,000 people in Kansas City praying missionally for Kingdom advancement. All followers of Jesus are called and qualified to pray. Praying people are ordinary people who have an extraordinary God. Will you join in this Kingdom movement as we ride the waves of prayer to help unleash God’s power for Kingdom Advancement?