Westbrooke Church

WestbrookeWestbrooke Church is located at 9777 Antioch Road in Overland Park, Kansas.  John Gillespie is Pastor, Chad Sebby is Pastor of Worship and Discipleship, and Mark Whiting is church administrator. If you have questions, contact office@westbrookechurch.org or call 913-888-4750.

Chad Sebby is serving as The Sending Project Liaison for Westbrooke. Chad (pictured) serves with the church as Pastor of Worship and Discipleship. Currently, Westbrooke is supporting eight Core Missionaries with diverse primary ministries. Additionally, their largest global endeavor is in Haiti. Each year the congregation commits to fully fund an orphanage (All in One Church & School) through The Global Orphan Project. Westbrooke also sends short-term mission teams at least once a year. Local mission partnerships include: The Sending Project, Mission Adelante, En Gedi, and a long-standing history with City Union Mission.

To learn more about Westbrooke Church please check the church website.

A Note from Westbrooke:

At its core, Westbrooke Church has a vision for Christ-centered transformation both locally and globally. Westbrooke is committed to growing a missional mindset as a church body and partnering with others for greater impact for the glory of Christ and fulfilling the great commission. Westbrooke Church is honored to become an Alliance Church with The Sending Project. We are excited to take this next step in collaboration and experience in new ways what God is doing in the Kansas City area.