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Imagine the Kansas City metro and surrounding area being saturated — “thoroughly soaked” — with the Word of God, missional prayer, and the Gospel of Jesus. We believe as we see this happening, we will see an unprecedented advancement of God’s Kingdom impact in and through the citywide Church of KC, reaching near and far. One of the ways The Sending Project is building awareness of this Kingdom advancement is through the Saturate KC Radio Podcast ministry.

Every Saturday morning, a Saturate KC Broadcast airs on the Bott Radio Network in the KC metro and surrounding area. You can hear these broadcasts at 9:00am on 92.3 FM and at 10:30am on 760 AM, 96.9 FM, and 101.5 FM. Eric Rochester, the Executive Director of The Sending Project, hosts these broadcasts which feature guests from the KC area and beyond, discussing how God is working to saturate KC with His Word, missional prayer, and the Gospel of Jesus. Karen Blankenship, the Program Director with The Sending Project, is the co-host for these radio broadcasts.

Saturate KC radio broadcasts are placed on the Saturate KC website as podcasts. The Saturate KC Library of Podcasts has more than 140 radio podcasts and features amazing KC-area pastors, church leaders, ministry leaders, marketplace leaders, and others talking about their journey with the Lord, their ministry journey, and/or one or more compelling ministry initiatives happening in the KC area.

We are so grateful that God has given The Sending Project this opportunity to create awareness all around the KC metro and surrounding area.  If you want to find out about some of the amazing things God is doing in our city, click on the Podcasts tab on The Sending Project website, and then click on View Podcast Library.