Strategic Projects


Mission collaboration is something we are very excited about here at The Sending Project (TSP). As a local church and its mission partner determine that they want to invite other churches into participation with them, we have the launch of a collaborative project. TSP comes alongside, helps spread the word about the project, and helps with facilitation in whatever ways are deemed helpful.

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Local Projects

KC Bless The Neighborhood

BLESS is an acronym for: Begin in prayer, Listen, Eat, Serve, Story. These rhythms are fundamental to our mission with Jesus. As we practice them in community, neighbors will taste God's blessing and many will be drawn by His Spirit to know more of Jesus.

KC Diaspora

Harnessing the energy of the Church in Kansas City, the TSP Diaspora Project seeks to coordinate, educate, connect and encourage outreach to the foreign-born populations in Kansas City...especially those who have refugee status.

KC Gospel Saturation

Our vision is to see a multiplying number of kingdom impact leaders and alliance churches in Kansas City with this shared conviction: It will take the whole Church to fulfill the whole Mission of bringing the whole Gospel to the whole City!

KC Strengthening Families

The KC Strengthening Families Project, in partnership with Cultivate and county and state agencies, helps to facilitate life skills training that empower families and individuals to make positive life change

KC Local Church Planting

The KC Local Church Planting Project is a multi-church collaboration focused on planting Christ-centered reproducing churches throughout the Kansas City region, in connection with NewThing Network.


Various initiatives by KC-area churches to further the translation and recording of Scripture into languages of unreached people groups. One church can take on an entire project on their own, or multiple churches can work together to accomplish a project.

Global Projects

KC China

A multi-church and multi-business collaborative project focused on fighting the cycle of poverty and creating sustainability in a region of rural China, in connection with Project Partner.

KC South Africa

A multi-church and multi-business collaborative project focused on fighting the cycle of poverty and creating sustainability in South Africa, in connection with One Life.

KC East Africa

A collaboration of churches in Kansas City and churches and ministries in East Africa to reach the unreached populations of this region.

KC South Sudan

A diverse team of churches and individuals, including some of the Lost Boys of Sudan, who want to see disciple making movements started in South Sudan among Muslim people groups.

KC Germany

Our focus in Germany is a region in the southwest called “Württemberg” (a region of 8 million people) where there is an increasingly secular and diverse population of youth.

KC Nicaragua

Woods Chapel United Methodist Church and Significant Matters are teaming up with The Rainbow Network to champion The KC Nicaragua Project.

KC Taiwan

KC-area churches collaborating to reach out to Taiwanese students through conversational English in the context of summer camps. Camp themes are American Life and Everyday Conversations.

KC India

KC-area churches collaborating to reach an entire state of India with the gospel, one region at-a-time, through saturation church planting in connection with the India Gospel League. Already, four KC-area churches are participating.


Forerunner Christian Fellowship and Elijah Company are working together to champion The KC Greece Project. The project will focus on reaching out to tens of thousands of refugees who have fled from their homes and are now in Athens, Greece waiting for hope to arrive.


The KC-area Body of Christ is working together to provide the Word of God for the Bedik/Munik and the Ilchamus people groups. Through our partnership with The Seed Company and Faith Comes By Hearing, we can help bring the Scriptures to people God loves so much.