Pathway to Join The Sending Alliance

the sending alliance

If you ARE the point person for your church’s mission ministry…

1) Contact The Sending Project, and let us know of your interest in seeing your church get connected with The Sending Alliance.

2) Meet with one of our Sending Project Church Relations Team members.

3) Make sure the key pastors and mission leaders at your church are giving a “thumbs up” to your church getting connected with The Sending Alliance.

3) Let TSP know that you’re in agreement with The Sending Alliance Covenant, and you’re ready to join The Sending Alliance. We just need a written or verbal “yes” that your church is in. (It’s that simple…no contract to sign, and no membership fee.)

4) TSP will gather basic info from you about your church’s mission ministry, and send out an email to let others know about your participation in The Sending Alliance.

5) TSP will make sure you are included in email updates about events, etc., in which you may want to participate.

6) TSP will be ready to promote via email any of your church’s local or global mission activity. Just let us know.

7) TSP will be ready to publicize any of your church’s mission events, trips, etc., on the TSP website calendar.

If you are NOT the point person for mission in your church (or a pastor who oversees your church’s mission ministry), please notify your church’s mission point person and help them find out about The Sending Alliance.  Thank you!