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You, Your Church, Your Ministry, and Trauma Healing

Why get involved in Trauma Healing?

Listen to the news.  With every day that passes, more people are traumatized by war, violence. natural disasters, diseases, domestic violence, sexual abuse, displacement, moral injury, and human trafficking. The COVID-19 pandemic, followed by the George Floyd murder and ensuing events have compounded already existing trauma locally and globally.  These overwhelming events happen not only in distant lands: those suffering from trauma and loss are in our communities, at our doorsteps, and in our homes.

When our hearts are wounded, we may start doubting God’s goodness and His love for us. The American Bible Society found that people around the world suffering from the aftermath of trauma could never connect with the Bible in that state. The President of the American Bible Society, Dr. Robert Briggs, said that “without addressing the issue of trauma then much of the rest of the work of providing the Bible is in vain.” In Hope Rising Documentary: Stories of Trauma and Healing, Dr. Briggs reported that the American Bible Society “got started with Bible-based trauma healing so that people could be healed in their spirits and hear God’s voice, hear that the scripture clearly states that God is good, God is Sovereign, God is powerful, God knows your condition even when you are suffering severely.”

How can you, your church, or your ministry respond?

The fact that Christ took not only our sins but also our suffering on himself on the cross is good news. Rather than avoiding painful issues, through Bible-based Trauma Healing your church can bring hope to survivors of trauma and help them engage with Scripture in ways that bring healing and restoration.

When we receive healing for trauma our distorted image of God may be redeemed to reclaim the powerful image of God as a caring father.


Healing Trauma Book

Healing from the Wounds of Trauma: How the Church Can Help is the proven and time-tested program model of the Trauma Healing Institute at the American Bible Society. Through this ministry, leaders in your church can be equipped to lead trauma healing groups.

Kc Trauma Healing Covid

A lesson for small groups to help you begin to heal from the spiritual and emotional effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. This lesson can be used two ways. If you do it as a standalone lesson, you can continue on with the booklet Beyond Disaster: A Survivor’s Guide for Spiritual First Aid to go further in the healing process. You can also use this lesson with a group that is going through Healing the Wounds of Trauma: How the Church Can Help, the classic curriculum from the Trauma Healing Institute, led by a trained facilitator.

Kc Trauma Beyond Disaster
Beyond Disaster is a guide for people who have survived (or are surviving) disasters. This Bible-based booklet offers (1) strategies for coping in the short term, (2) guidance on what to expect during recovery, and (3) practical steps for the journey toward emotional and spiritual healing. Based on the globally proven model of the Trauma Healing Institute, Beyond Disaster integrates best practices in mental health into a biblical framework.
Kc Trauma Beyond Disaster Study Guide

Guidance for using the Beyond Disaster booklet with small groups, which is a recommended way of encountering the material. This 9-page document includes some background, ideas for leading a group, and tips on facilitating discussion on the booklet. No professional training is required. This resource offers additional support to leaders who may feel unprepared to address the effects of trauma.

To find out more information about how to incorporate trauma healing into your church or ministry contact; Mark Davis at 913-206-6835 or mark.davis@thesendingproject.org.

What Kansas City Pastors and Leaders are saying about Bible-based Trauma Healing

“I am the Community Care Pastor at Vineyard Church in Kansas City, Mo, our church has an average weekly attendance of approximately 2,300. From its inception, our church has put a priority on inner healing ministry, as such we have a wide variety of ministries that address a wide spectrum of issues. At the start of 2020, I was looking for a new healing ministry that would walk seekers through real healing, but would not require the significant time investment of other ministries.

“In my research, I discovered Healing the Wounded Heart. I talked to one of my leaders who had taken the class and she shared that the class was very powerful and the healing was significant.

“I decided to recruit a team and we all went through the training. The training was excellent, it was well thought out, and well executed. Within a few months of completing our training, we put on our first Healing the Wounded Heart at our church, it was tremendous. The seekers loved the material and based on the reviews of the class, everyone got something significant out of the class. The healing experienced by the class ranged from individuals who realized that they had wounds that needed further healing to those who experienced healing on the spot!

“Healing the Wounded Heart is now going to be a class that we put on regularly in our church.”

Derk Hanna, J.D.

Community Care Pastor-Vineyard Church

“I recommend Trauma Healing groups of the Trauma Healing Institute because it changed my Life…” (Kansas City pastor)

“I thank God for this moment. I am so blessed for how God works with His people. I feel 100% healed…”  

“I have laid all actions and feelings of resentment, which I have been slowed down by, at the cross. I surrender my will to His will for my life…

“…It was a blessing to be part of this Trauma Healing program…I didn’t know that I had many wounds in my life when I am serving in the Kingdom of God work for the past sixteen years as a full-time minister; but in this training I saw all the wounds in my life and I brought all to the cross. I am free and blessed by this Trauma Healing program….” (Kansas City Pastor)

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