KC Diaspora Project

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Harnessing the energy of the Church in Kansas City, the TSP Diaspora Project seeks to coordinate, educate, connect and encourage outreach to the foreign-born populations in Kansas City…especially those who have refugee status.

Through a clearinghouse website, churches can see who is active where, participate in World Culture Tours to familiarize themselves with other cultures, and find training to help engage the foreign-born population in Kansas City. 

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Mission Partner

Disciple KC

Disciple KC is part of a larger collaboration of Disciple US that targets the 50 largest cities (50% of US population) in the US with a goal of establishing a movement of obedience-focused, multiplicative disciple making in every segment of these cities. Act Beyond, Cityteam, CRM (Church Resource Ministries), Final Command, Mercy Alliance, Shoal Creek, Pioneers, and others are forging effective partnerships to see the Great Commission fulfilled. 


Shoal Creek Community Church

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