KC Bible-based Trauma Healing

Greg MillerGreg Miller had participated in trauma trainings before.  However, when he arrived at the KC Bible-based Trauma Healing Equipping Session he realized there was something different about this training.

Greg is a pastor of a church and a counselor at the City Union Mission men’s shelter. He participated in the first Bible-based Trauma Healing Equipping session in Kansas City and eventually became a Trauma Healing Training Facilitator. Trauma Healing Training is based on discovering what God’s Word says about trauma and getting the Word into participants’ hearts. Greg found that the goal was for people to bring their pain and trauma to Jesus and to the cross.  He saw the Holy Spirit work to heal his and others’ trauma as a safe environment was created for community in the Body of Christ.  Greg brought the training back to City Union Mission and guess what happened?  City Union Mission was so pleased with Bible-based Trauma Healing that they have made it a requirement of the discipleship program the men have to participate in before leaving the mission.

Greg had initially attended the Trauma Healing Training to improve his ability to help others and subsequently realized there were deep-seated wounds in his own heart.  He discovered that by receiving healing himself, he is more effectively able to help others.  At City Union Mission people have backgrounds common to homelessness such as incarceration and drug abuse.  Historically some of the graduates from the program had not dealt with their issues.  It is important that they deal with their issues before they leave or they might return to homelessness, drug dependence, and prison.  Greg believes men are less apt to fall back to old habits if they go through Trauma Healing Training before they leave City Union Mission.

Greg reports that in the past many of the men at City Union Mission had turned to other things to help their pain because they were desperate.  Now the men are turning to Jesus and seeing what Scripture says about healing.  Greg sees men transformed through their discipleship program. However before trauma healing was added, there was something missing.  Trauma Healing was “the missing piece of the puzzle.”

 There are many stories like this one, stories of people whose lives have been transformed through the power of God’s Word and the KC Bible-based Trauma Healing Program. Since April 2017, The Sending Project, in partnership with the Trauma Healing Institute and American Bible Society, has coordinated the training of over 200 Bible-based Trauma Healing Facilitators from more than 100 different churches. At least 1,477 people have participated in Bible-based Trauma Healing events in the Kansas City metro area.