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KC Creativity and Faith Missional Network Zoom Meeting

August 17, 2021 | 7:00 pm - 8:15 pm

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A diverse city wide network of Jesus followers who are connecting their creativity and faith with God’s mission.  This network is for any follower of Jesus who is connecting their creativity and faith with God’s mission. This network is focused on both local and global mission in the context of creativity and faith and includes the entire KC Metro area.


Featured Presenters: Jeremiah Enna and Mona Storling-Enna,Sj Hazim and Miranda Chavez-Hazim, and Mat Carson

Jermiah And Mona RecentJeremiah Enna and Mona Storling-Enna

executive director and co-founders of Culture House Conservatory and Performing Arts Center.
Jeremiah and Mona Enna moved from Sweden and founded The Culture House in 1996 as both an arts organization and a Christian organization.
The Culture House started with a belief that artists shape our culture — and that every child is created by God uniquely, with a treasure of untold potential. In that spirit, artistic training provided to children is an investment not only in the lives of each student, but in the future of our society

They will discuss how to establish an arts community as a grassroots effort to apply Christian thought and living into arts culture in an accessible, meaningful, and excellent way.

Sj And MirandaSj Hazim and Miranda Chavez-Hazim

Owner and Co-founder of Hazim Happenings, Top Teer, Creative Pathways and Means.

SJ and Miranda represents the beauty of a multicultural marriage, one born into FOI Islam in Wyandotte KS and the other raised up in Catholicism.  SJ is a creativity practitioner of the urban arts which emphasizes kids’ literacy using Hip Hop Theatre as a tool for trauma-based healing.  

Miranda is a photographer and social media influencer, who almost lost her vision in the year 2000. Together they promote Topeka businesses by capturing and promoting the heart and voice of the community. 

They will discuss how creative volunteerism empowers and builds pride and wealth in a community.

Matc HeadshotMat Carson

director of Inspiro Arts Alliance, a ministry of OM International.

Originating from Montreal, Canada, Mat Carson began serving with OM in 1999 by traveling for three

years throughout North Africa and the Middle East. He has since helped pioneer arts ministry in OM and

currently directs Inspiro Arts Alliance. He lives happily in the forest outside Atlanta, USA with his wife

and two children.


Art is broadly powerful because it is integral to every culture around the world. And yet, the role

and interpretation of art is so very different from community to community. When an artist brings

art cross-culturally, how can it be done in a way that brings dignity and blessing, while avoiding

confusion, offence or worse?  Bridging the cultural gap well is critical to sharing the gospel –

especially when doing so through art, since it is at the heart of culture.

At Inspiro Arts Alliance, we believe you were specially made to help fulfill God’s purposes.

Sometimes people with artistic talent do not feel they fit within traditional mission contexts. But

Inspiro has helped establish and support artists on mission in a variety of settings around the

world. We love helping artists like you find your place, be equipped and connected to thrive in

God’s work among the world’s least reached.

He will discuss The Four Bridges | Crossing the Cultural Gap through Art. Whether you are crossing the street or an ocean, the four bridges are a helpful way to thoughtfully engage cross-culturally through the arts


August 17, 2021
7:00 pm - 8:15 pm


Zoom Meeting