Make a difference — bless the KC area and beyond!

We invite you to join with us to build missional awareness, community, and collaboration among a diversity of churches and the citywide Body of Christ in the Kansas City metro area – with the result of impacting KC and beyond.

God is working to saturate the KC metro area and beyond with His Word, missional prayer, and the Gospel of Jesus and your gift will help to make an impact in many ways!

As you move toward financial partnership with The Sending Project, would you consider a recurring monthly donation? That is one of our biggest needs: your recurring donation of any amount will help sustain this unity-building mission ministry among the citywide Church of KC.

You can set up a recurring donation through this online giving platform. Thanks for considering this invitation. May God richly bless you!

Our ministry partner Give.Transform processes all online contributions to The Sending Project. From our Donation page at Give.Transform, you can contribute to the following:

  • The Sending Project General Fund
  • The Ministry of a Sending Project staff member
  • The Ministry of a Sending Project agent
  • The Ministry of a Sending Project initiative, project, event, or trip

After you have chosen your method of payment, you will be able to choose which of the above categories to preference your gift toward. Click below to begin.